A Samsung A52S 5g Review – More Information on the Mobile


The Samsung A52s is a new smartphone that offers great features for a smartphone in terms of looks. With a unique mix of colours, the A 52s manages to combine style and class all in one place. This is probably the best looking smartphone in Samsung’s portfolio, especially when you compare it to the competition. Let us now take a look at some of the key features of this beautiful smartphone.

When it comes to size, the new Samsung a52s manages to make a very good start. At only marginally bigger than its predecessor the SGH 2505, the A 52s is definitely one of the biggest handsets on the market. Compared to the competition, it is definitely the largest, which helps it compete better. It also has a slightly larger screen, which is something of an improvement over the SGH 2505 and gives it a noticeable edge over the competition. In terms of resolution, the A 52s comes equipped with a crisp five-megapixel camera on the rear as opposed to the five mega pixels offered by the predecessors. samsung a52 5g

Storage wise, the new Samsung A52s has one of the biggest memory cards available on the market. Coming in at a little over half the size of the A53, the SGH 2505, the A 52s’ card is just about twice as big as the predecessors, giving it room to increase on the capacity. This means that users can store more apps, more music, more pictures and more videos – it really depends on what you are looking for, really. The built in memory is perfect for storing plenty of media, though there is the option to add more on top. If you are worried about running out of space, then you could opt for a larger one, but it is best to test this first.

When it comes to performance, the A 52s perform well. It feels like it is performing a little faster thanks to the new internals, but it doesn’t feel like it is as smooth as before. The ability to edit is smooth and quick, though it does have some hitches here and there. There is no such thing as jumping straight into something that you are not comfortable with, so be sure to slow yourself down and find out if you are going to get bitten before you jump in. It also comes with one of the most innovative covers, the Dash Kit. With this, you can transform your mobile into something that looks like a car (or something else that you would just like to try).

Moving on to the battery life, it lasts almost twice as long as the iPhone. This can come as quite a relief, especially if you are constantly on the go and you like to use your phone and internet all at the same time. The charging system is also great, letting you charge your phone while you are browsing the web or chatting with friends. You will also find that it lasts quite a bit longer than the iPhone, lasting up to talk time. This could well mean the difference between using it every day and only using it occasionally.

In short, the Samsung A52s has everything we wanted from an email program. We are also impressed by how spacious the screen is, even if we don’t like to read text on the phone. It also has a nice, wide camera with flash, but you really need to pay attention to quality. This isn’t a cheap mobile by any stretch of the imagination, so we expect Samsung will continue to improve.

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