Mi 9 Power – Fixing Common Problems With This Smartphone


Mi 9 Power is another cost effective dual SIM unlocked smartphone which is now available both online and offline. If you’re interested to purchase this beautiful mobile with top notch features at an affordable rate then this is the place to learn about all the wonderful Redmi 9 Power Pros & Cons and detailed specifications and additional features. In this article we will go deep into all the points of Mi 9 Power. So, just check out the things that I am going to cover from top to bottom. Mi 9 Power

Let me start this section by giving you first few pros and cons of Mi 9 Power: This device is simply awesome! It has excellent hardware and great features which have made it one of the most loved and highly preferred smartphones of people across the globe. To know more about Mi 9 Power’s specs and other notable features you can simply log on to its official website and get thorough information. If you want to know how to fix fast battery drain then you can also take a look at the video section which contains the step by step guides.

Now let’s come to the main problem of this handset which is its networking issue and hot frame. The first and most common problem of this smartphone is its network issue where it fails to connect to the Wi-Fi networks in certain cases. This issue is a combination of several reasons which includes, software incompatibility, poor compatibility with the network hardware, poor design, and poor management. The first and most common reason is software incompatibility. This means that your handset might not be compatible with the operating system on your computer or it might require a different boot menu. In case you boot your device from wrong boot menu then you might face this networking problem.

Another major reason why this handset fails to connect to the Wi-Fi network is its poor design and clunky buttons. You can easily fix this networking problem by cleaning or reflowing the device. In order to clean the Mi 9 Power you should remove all the software installed on the phone including the Google apps, MMS app, and other accessories like chargers, memory cards, earphones, etc. Once you are done with cleaning you should turn off the device and remove the SIM card as well. Now you should flash the new SIM in the handset by following the steps given below.

Some other major reasons why this handset fails to connect to the cellular network include, overheating, non-functional headphone jack, poor power management, and poor battery life. As far as the battery life is concerned, there are a few things that you can do to boost its life including, allowing apps to use the screen only when needed, avoid playing heavy videos and games, keep the screen cool, and do not let the battery drain completely. If you want to see the result of your efforts quickly you should utilize the Mi Flash application which is readily available in the Android Market. You can easily fix most of the common problems associated with the Mi 9 Power by using the Flash tool provided in the Mi Flash.

You should also check whether the battery of your smartphone has enough power to complete the task you have set before it. If the battery is not sufficient you should consider buying a new one so that you can enjoy uninterrupted entertainment and communication on the go. If the redmi mobile phone supports ODBE and microSD card you can easily transfer all your important data from your smartphone to the computer using the SD card reader provided in the Mi Cloud applications. This will help you access your data using an SD card if the memory is running low. The ODBE feature of the redmi smartphone was introduced by the xiaomi company in China. You can download all the popular paid service apps such as ACT Pro from the online stores of the online mobile app store.

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